A series of micro films in 9 Acts. Inspired by Wes Anderson's 'Rushmore'.

Written by Jeremiah Reynolds

Directed by Brian Zimmerman.

Starring Jeremiah Reynolds & Jordan Reynolds.

Sermon opener for the first week of the series "How to Fight the Devil and Win Every Time". Based on James 1:1-20. Inspired by Wes Anderson's "Rushmore". - Starring Jeremiah Reynolds, Jordan Reynolds, and Gerald Trottman Directed, Shot, & Edited by Brian Zimmerman Written by Jeremiah Reynolds Concept by Brian Zimmerman Lighting by Paul Holst Audio Recording by Jason Dyba Curtain Operation, Title & Playbill Design by Matt Wrightson Dolly Grip & Camera Assistance: Chris Long Confetti Shooter: Sam Lindsey Production Assistance: Kim Zimmerman