A new play written and directed by Sandy Thomson

Additional writing and dramaturgy by Jeremiah Reynolds

Featuring the Poorboy and Dundee Rep Ensembles with Jeremiah Reynolds originating the role of Nathan, an American in 1812 who befriends the young Mary Shelley en route to Scotland.

The physical role required Jeremiah to take parkour classes for multi level chase scenes, dance classes for the hip hop sequences as well as entire scenes in live slow motion. The production was given a 5 Star review in the national publication The Stage. 

A rich, passionate and sometimes slightly mind-blowing theatre experience…ruthlessly honest about the physical reality of women’s lives, and memorably courageous in facing the demons and dragons of misogyny.
— The Scotsman

“On the northern shores of the Tay, near Dundee…. the airy flights of my imagination, were born” 
Mary Shelley, Author’s Introduction to Frankenstein” 1831

It’s 1812 and the country is coming apart at the seams. War, poverty, and riots make it a dangerous place for a young girl but after a furious row with her stepmother she is sent away from home, alone, into the care of the rich and radical Baxter family of Dundee.  Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin is 14 and hasn’t met the man who will make her Mary Shelley yet. She hasn’t done anything yet. But her genius for finding trouble pitches her into a world of politicians, revolutionaries, lunatics, American fugitives, and the ladies of The Glassite Church Floral Tea Committee.
In 2017, Roxanne had so much studying to do for school she nearly didn’t go to the party on Peep O’Day Lane. But everyone needs a night off, right? She doesn’t mean to crash out but when someone takes a topless photo of her, Roxanne’s life as she knows it is over.
Unless it isn’t.

Do you know what a monster really looks like?